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Say Cheese | Erin Sweeney

Say Cheese | Erin Sweeney

8.5x11| materials patterned paper (Studio Calico) + circle and flair embellishments (Ormolu) + stamps (Studio Calico) + punch (American Crafts)

A Note from Erin
Apparently I trained Ryan to be camera-ready early on. Because when he sees it, he immediately gives me his “say cheese!” smile. Sometimes he doesn’t even make eye contact while doing it. I love this stage and I’ll be so sad when we’re out of it. Because I know coming soon is the “I won’t smile for the camera no matter what” stage!

My five items are patterned paper, a border punch, stamps, circle embellishments and ink. The ink is an afterthought. Originally the two circle embellishments were separate in my list of five, but while typing this I realized that to use stamps I had to use ink. So…creative counting on my part now!

Also, I just realized I have the same picture of Ryan on here twice. I really need to pay better attention when scrapping!

July Fun Fact
I cannot get enough Coldstone sweet cream with cookie dough ice cream. It’s my current favorite summertime treat.