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Did I Ever Tell You | Erin Sweeney

Did I Ever Tell You | Erin Sweeney

8.5 x 11 | materials cardstock (Bazzill) + patterned paper (October Afternoon) + letter stickers (LilyBee Designs) + border punch (Stampin’ Up)

A Note from Erin
I’m thinking maybe one of these days I should try for a re-do. Although instead of checking to make sure I actually have film in my camera, I’ll be checking for the memory card. I’ve actually had this happen to me a couple times - nothing like turning your camera on and having “no memory card” flash at you!

I worked with this girl named Shannon at Rockne’s and Shannon grew up with horses. Her family still had horses at their home in Carrollton, so one weekend she took me home so I could ride one. This did not go particularly well. My horse wouldn’t go anywhere I commanded it to instead going mostly in circles, I couldn’t control its speed, I was probably a little nervous, and I’m pretty sure Shannon’s dad was getting annoyed with the whole thing.

Of course, even then, I had my camera. Multiple pictures were taken of me riding the horse around in circles. I smiled and posed with my horse because I was pretty certain I was never getting on one again. That night Shannon invited some friends over for a bonfire. I was taking pictures when I noticed it’d gone past 24, then 27, and was into the 30’s (being that this was pre-digital and all) so I assumed I had a roll of 36 in. Then it didn’t rewind.

Still, I just figured it was jammed and the next day I took it to CVS to have it checked. They got out the black bag with the sleeves and gloves attached, put my camera in, got it open and discovered I had no film in the camera. Seriously.

Now, if you know me, this should be of no surprise. Yet at the time it was. Also, it was super embarrassing. And I’m sure I was mad, too. Now though it mostly just makes me laugh. It is a little disappointing; I’d actually ridden a horse (something I never thought I’d do), I’d taken a ton of pictures to capture the moment and then it turned out I really hadn’t. But all I have to do is picture myself insisting to the person at CVS that I had film in that camera and it wouldn’t rewind, and subsequently having them tell me there was no film in there and showing me the empty camera and I laugh and laugh and laugh.
Sigh, only me.

Journaling, 7/2011; Pictures, none; Memory, circa 1998

August Fun Fact
My oldest is starting Kindergarten this year. As wholly unprepared emotionally as I am for this, I’m completely excited about school shopping. Bring on the crayons, safety scissors, book bags, school clothes and more. Is it normal to be excited about a school supply list?