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One Last Week | Amy Sorensen

One Last Week | Amy Sorensen

12 x 12 | materials green floral patterned paper (Basic Grey) + green grid patterned paper (Kaiser Craft) + grey floral patterned paper (My Mind’s Eye) + alphabet stickers (Bella Blvd) + ink (Close to my Heart) + fonts (Museo, Learning Curve)

A Note from Amy
I’m not sure if this is odd or not, but I actually enjoy making layouts with just journaling and a few accents. Sometimes it’s because I’m missing photos for one reason or another, or sometimes I do it because I want to document something that can’t really be photographed. For this layout, I didn’t accidentally have no pictures—I did it on purpose. Sometimes I find that I lose my sense of really experiencing something if I’m taking pictures of it. I photograph the experience instead of experiencing it. So, for this week of my youngest son’s life, I purposefully did not take any photos. That way, the things we did we did together were only about the things we did, and not about me taking pictures of them. (Except, I confess: I took pictures of the kittens. Because who can resist taking pictures of kittens!) I took notes each day so I didn’t forget anything.

For almost five years, it’s been just Kaleb and mom at home once the kids went to school. Those were good, sweet days of playing, going for walks, reading, making snacks, and just being together. Of course, once kindergarten started that all changed. So this week, when Kaleb was out of school for kindergarten assessments, was just like the old days. We didn’t do anything extraordinary—just the everyday stuff that makes up the happiest moments. It was one last, sweet week of just Kaleb and Mom, and we made sure to make the most of it!