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'Twas the Night Before | Marie Taylor

'Twas the Night Before | Marie Taylor

8.5 x 11 | materials patterned paper (Distressed solid, Crystal Wilkerson from; Every Day Ordinary, Emily Powers from + circle (Every Day Ordinary, Paislee Press from + tape (Pugly Pixel,

I can hardly believe that tomorrow you start Kindergarten. How is it possible that tomorrow I will willingly send my first born off in a huge bus with no seat belt when I so carefully have buckled you in for five years? How is it you will be gone from early in the morning to the late afternoon when for the past five years I have seen you almost every hour of your day? How will I know if you eat your lunch? How will I know you are making friends, listening to the teacher, concentrating on your work, being respectful, singing your heart out, exploring, running, jumping, learning, if I am not there with you? I know I have taught you the best I can, but what will you learn now? Yes reading, writing, and arithmetic, but what else?
I know it is time. I know you are beyond excited. You are ready. I know that Charlie will be OK and will get used to it being the two of us during the day, but part of me wants to just wait. Let you stay in your jammies a bit longer, stay my little baby a bit longer, stay home a bit longer, but tomorrow the big yellow bus will come and take you to school and I know that you will love every minute of it.

I will just miss you every minute of it.

August Fun Fact
Swimming is one of my favorite summertime activities and I can't wait until my kids are all old enough to help me carry one of the many, many bags it takes to get us there. Ha.