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You Know What They Say | Aly Dosdall

You Know What They Say | Aly Dosdall

12 x 12 | materials patterned paper (Jillibean Soup) + kraft luggage & journaling tags (Jillibean Soup) + kraft mini alpha stickers (Jillibean Soup) + alpha stickers (Jillibean Soup) + felt flowers (Epiphany Crafts) + custom button tool & buttons (Epiphany Crafts) + Custom epoxy tool and epoxy (Epiphany Crafts) + flower punch (Marvy Uchida ) + font (Lauren Script) + machine stitching

A Note from Aly
I really wanted the focus of this page to be the funny phrases that my kids say frequently, so leaving photos out of the mix was a great way to do that.

(Starting top left, clockwise) James: Happy Birthday, I’m a fig. Ashley: guacamole cheesecake, oh golly! Lexie: AAAWESOME, dudes! Faith: Mom Mom, Cookie? Okay cookie! Wow cool! Jeffrey: Let’s all speak nice words of kindness to each other, 3.14159.

August Fun Fact
I’ve fallen in love with Yoga!