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Finding the Fun | Amy Sorensen

Finding the Fun | Amy Sorensen

12 x 12 | materials patterned paper (TCP Studio) + alphabet stickers (Bella Blvd) + Quaver Sans font + handcut triangles from cardstock scraps

A Note from Amy
I used to sketch and then cut out my titles all the time, but since I got a Silhouette I stopped doing that as often. I decided to try it again with this layout and then I remembered just how much I enjoy doing it. There's something therapeutic in the process.

Going to Lagoon when you’re seven (and have a two-year-old brother) is sort of hard. You’re right in the middle . . . you still fit in the little kid rides; you’re not tall enough for all of the big rides but your heart? Well, your heart and soul fit in the big rides. You yearn to soar down roller coaster hills and around the loops. So sometimes you get stuck on the kiddie rides with your little brother.

But you were a good sport about it. While Haley and Jake went off to ride a few roller coasters you were too short for, you rode Bulgy the Whale, or Kontiki, or Dinosaur Drop with Kaleb. And of course, the Dragonfly, which is the kids’ version of Turn of the Century (the swing ride everyone loves). But two hours into your Lagoon experience, you’d had enough: you were ready for some big rides! Luckily that’s about the time our friend Carrie met us. Kaleb hung out with her little kids and you were finally free to ride everything. Well, everything except the Samurai and the Colossus—not tall enough yet—but still: way more fun than the kiddie rides!

August Fun Fact
I'm trying not to freak out over the fact that my oldest is a high school senior this year. School starts for us on August 21st!