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Little Red Tricycle | Erin Sweeney

Little Red Tricycle | Erin Sweeney

8.5 x 11 | materials patterned paper (My Mind’s Eye, Studio Calico, American Crafts) + embellishments (K & Company) + letter stickers (American Crafts) 

A Note from Erin
I printed these pictures 2 years ago, yet somehow they never got scrapbooked. As Mackenzie will be turning five soon, it’s fun to look back at her as a toddler.

Mackenzie loved this tricycle. Loved it. She was 2 ½ (spring of 2010) and rode it all the time. Her little legs would go round and round on the pedals, as fast as she could make them. Before I knew it, (spring 2011) she moved on to the Dora bike. And then she was learning to ride without training wheels (July and August 2011). In September she was riding a two-wheeler at 3-years-old! That’s when we got her a new yellow and purple Dora bike for her birthday, she just couldn’t keep up on the 12” bike. Once she was used to the bigger 14” size, off came those training wheels. And now (summer 2012) she’s fast. She races around, can ride all the way up the hill, is tall enough to start and stop on her own without jumping off – her previous preferred method of stopping the bike!

September Fun Fact
I lose things. Often. I’ve lost two sets of keys with the remote keyless entry – both after driving home. How does that happen?