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Still Here | Amy Sorensen

Still Here | Amy Sorensen

12 x 12 | materials paisley stamps (Close to My Heart) + round swirly stamp (Hero Arts) + fleur-de-lis and bird on a stem stamps (unknown) + StazOn ink (Tsukineko) + markers (Copic) + clock hands (Silhouette) + ribbon + Samo Sans and Janda Stylish Script fonts

A Note from Amy
For the stamped border, I wanted a colorful swirl of pattern and bright hues.To make it, I stamped with big stamps, letting the images come out a little messy and soft so they could blend into each other. Then I just had fun coloring in all the blank spaces. I wrote the journaling in a similar way, with run-on sentences and ampersands and a stream-of-consciousness feel.

Today I was at the computer looking for a picture of Grandpa Don when I found this photo of you and it made me laugh. In it you’re ten, nearly eleven, and (obviously!) still full of...well, it. Spunk and energy and the waning bits of littlegirlness. Even then you had tiny hands & I remember that sweater & I loved that skirt & I know exactly which shoes you’re wearing even though they’re not in the frame (the black strappy wedges that were your first high heels) and it’s funny, isn’t it, how a photo can sometimes take you right back? This one reminds me exactly how it felt to be your mom then, when you were leaving childhood for good. Not a teenager yet, but wanting, desperately, to be one. To step forward into the next phase, which seemed impossibly appealing.
Later today, after church, you asked me to snap a photo of your new Sunday skirt and shoes which I happily did;
I also snapped this picture (no melon-colored linen skirt, no tan and white heels) because at any photo shoot I try to sneak in a good close up or two. Later, I looked at this photo of you and I thought of the earlier one and it was almost, almost like having both versions of you right there with me, and I couldn’t help thinking how, well, thrilled that younger Haley would be to see this Haley, with your red hair & your wardrobe & your skill with lipstick. She’d be happy to know you still love school & love to read and that you do things like go on dates & drive a car & sing in the choir. I can still see that younger Haley in you, a part of who you are now.
I guess time is funny, too. All of that looking from here backwards through time also makes me look forward to some other random future day when I’ll be taking your picture and maybe it’ll be something in your eyes or your smile or the way you still love shoes that will make me remember today and it will be good to know that this version of you is also still inside, too. That no part of you is ever really lost, just mixed in with who comes next.

September Fun Fact
My September goal is to finally finish the quilt I've been working on for my seven-year-old. Since he was four. The only good thing about my procrastination is that now I know to make it bigger than I had originally planned. Someone should check up on me!