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The Shadow of Your Smile | Alexandra Sirugue-McLeod

The Shadow of Your Smile | Alexandra Sirugue-McLeod

A Note from Alexandra
When I heard the theme was "shadows", the first thing that came to my mind was "halloween", the second "reflection" for a long time I had no idea how I was going to illustrate the theme.

Then, one afternoon, I was taking pictures with my iPhone and I caught my husband looking at me, I took a picture and used it in my weekly photo collage. For days after publishing that collage onto my blog, I had the song "The shadow of your smile" stuck in my head until I finally put the two together! My theme had been starring and smiling at me the whole time.

The part where the picture is opens up. It is adhered thanks to a piece of washi tape. When it opens up it reveals "little trinkets" that have to do with hubby (boxing, typewriter...) the idea behind that is a shadow can only exist in conjunction with something or someone, it's a sort of tandem. Here we see the outside and inside of D.H in a way. The song was first sung by Tony Bennett, a singer D.H and I both treasure.