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Me and My Shadow | Celeste Smith

Me and My Shadow | Celeste Smith

8.5 x 11 | materials software (Adobe Photoshop CS4) + Sweet Vintage Charm Kit + Sophia Paper (Crystal Wilkerson) + Cardstock (Katie Pertiet, Designer Digitals) + Stitching (Meredith Fenwick) + tab (A New Day kit, Sweet Shoppe Designs) + vintage cabinet cards (Kitschy Digitals, + fonts (Another Typewriter, Rockwell, CK Ali’s Hand, off the internet)

A Note from Celeste
I really truly thought I’d take a photo of my shadow and create a page for this assignment, but every time I went to take the photo it was too close to noon (short shadow) or overcast (no shadow.) So I took a playful spin on the theme and created a page about my little shadow, Sam!

October Fun Fact
I think this might be the last year my ten year old dresses up. He’s so torn – he wants the candy, but he doesn’t want to wear a costume. This makes me sad!