> Pinterest Made Me (Oct 2012)

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The View | Lisa Ottosson
Life With a Brother is More Fun | Deb Duty
Four | Diane Payne
Spring Recital I Christa Paustenbaugh
On My Mind | Jennifer Larson
Smile | Valerie O'Neall
Inspired by Pinterest | Kathy Martin
Cusp | Francine Clouden
Milo | Celeste Smith
NYC | Paula Gilarde
be-YOU-tiful | Teka Cochonneau
Rides | Vivian Masket
Today | Alexandra Sirugue-Macleod
More | Amy Sorensen
Two Half Summer | Kelly Jeppson
Shaved Ice | Erin Sweeney
Scenes | Emily Spahn
Rockin’ Her Birthday Duds | Sarah Pendergrast
Count | Emily Pitts
Our New Normal | Marnie Flores
Dare Greatly | Marnie Flores