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Two Half Summer | Kelly Jeppson

Two Half Summer | Kelly Jeppson

12 x 12 | materials letter stickers, stickers (Doodlebug Designs, Inc.)

Inspired by this pin.

A Note from Kelly
I'm a very slow, steady runner. This year, I set a goal to run two half marathons, one at each end of the season. I won't say that it was ever easy to get up early and run, but I made it! There are always challenges to overcome when you set a goal, and there were plenty for me - but I stuck to it, for the most part. As a bonus, my sister also ran the two races that I did, so I had someone to talk to about them!

"It will hurt/It will take time/It will require dedication/It will require willpower/You will need to make healthy decisions/It requires sacrifice/You will need to push your body to the max/There will be temptation/But, I promise you, when you reach your goal/It's worth it."

October Fun Fact
I share a birthday with actress Sigourney Weaver!