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Milo | Celeste Smith

Milo | Celeste Smith

12 x 12 | materials digital kit (Daydream by Tracy Martin at One Story Down) + alphabet (Noted Alphabet by Valorie Brown at One Story Down) + font (Traveling Typewriter)

Inspired by this pin. The original source is here.

A Note from Celeste
When I saw these pretty stitched cakes, I knew I wanted to use a white on white stitched background on a page. I love how the stitching gives the background some nice texture and draws the eye from the top left corner to the heart of the page.

we really struggled picking a name for you, sweet little kitty. all sorts of names were floated around, but in the end we felt that milo was as cute and cool as you are!

October Fun Fact
Last year, Halloween was cancelled in our town due to a crazy early snowstorm that downed power lines and trees. The boys were so unhappy. They can't wait to get to trick-or-treat again this year!