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Peeler | Marnie Flores

Peeler | Marnie Flores

(8.5 x 8.5) | materials patterned paper (Crystal Wilkerson) + arrow (photoshop) +parentheses (Crystal Wilkerson) + fonts

A Note from Marnie
I took a color test once. It asked you all sorts of questions using not just images but also adjectives, and emotional response questions. At the end it gives you two color families. My first was rosy pinks. I felt so exposed. I am totally a soft pink girl, but only in secret. My kids will tell you my favorite colors are orange, red, and black. I wear lots of bright colors (orange, lime green, turquoise blues) and decorate with fun pastel brights. But apparently, at the heart of me is soft pink. Paired with greige (a taupe-y grey) and I am at my most relaxed. That's what this layout is - my two secret favorites.

November Fun Fact
Poppy is getting baptized this month so we have family coming to town. That is rare for us so I have been on a decorating frenzy, trying to get everything to its ideal. Silly, I know. So far, we have switched two bedrooms, including closets and light fixtures. I have painted and rearranged the linen closet and the entry closet. (And by rearranged, I mean gutting and redoing!!) I have just pulled apart the pantry for a complete overhaul. I have painted one bedroom, with one to come tomorrow. And I am nearly finished a redo on the kids' bathroom, including a new mirror, cabinet, and light fixture. I have painted, spackled, and drywalled like a crazy woman. But with only 7 days to go, things are winding down and I am so very happy.