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Think Orange | Celeste Smith

Think Orange | Celeste Smith

(12 x 12) | materials digital kit (Catch the Falling Leaves kit by JM Designs at One Story Down) + button (Daydream kit by Tracy Martin at One Story Down) +Alphabets (Homemade Memories collaboration at One Story Down, Smell My Feet kit by Valorie Brown at One Story Down) + font (Claire Hand)

A Note from Celeste
I just adore orange and paired with a little kraft it's even better! This layout could be considered my ode to orange.

Growing up I was always a blue girl. Blue this and blue that. I always picked blue – I really loved all shades of the color from turquoise to navy. It was always blue. Orange was never even in my top three or four colors – heck I think it may have been last on the list. Orange was a fourth grade nightmare in the form of Sister Mary Ellen. Sister Mary Ellen loved orange to the degree that she would instruct us daily to, “Think orange.” Yes, I said “Think orange.” She infused orange into her choices in the classroom and projects on a daily basis. It drove me crazy. To this day “Think orange” will get a chuckle out of anyone who happened to be in one of her classes.

Fast forward 25 years and two boys of my own later. I cannot get enough orange. It’s such a great boy color. It’s sunny and warm and adds so much to a scrapbook page. if a line or kit has orange in it, i’m first in line up to buy it. I purposely buy the boys orange shirts and take photos that have orange in them, just so I can scrap with the color. Although, I have been known to convert a photo to black and white just for this reason! I can’t wear orange it really doesn’t go with my skin tone at all. Disappointing. I even painted one whole accent wall in Sam’s room a bright cheery orange. I’m sure when we go to sell we’ll have to paint right over it!

Orange, I just love it!

November Fun Fact
I'm looking forward to pajama day on Thanksgiving!