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Complementary Colors | Amy Sorensen

Complementary Colors | Amy Sorensen

12 x 12 | materials card stock (Bazzill) + ink (Close to My Heart) + hexagons (Silhouette) + LD Remington and Janda Elegant Handwriting fonts

A Note from Amy
My second-favorite hobby is quilting, and by sheer coincidence I picked up a quilting book from the hold shelf just a few days before I started working on my layout: We Love Color. The book is about using Kona solids (a line of gorgeous, well-crafted solid fabrics, the quilting equivalent of cardstock) for making quilts that showcase color. A perfect wellspring of inspiration for a gallery dedicated to color! The hexagons and the title design come directly from the book.

I had initially planned on doing a layout with my current favorite color combination, but when my sister and I had this conversation about Halloween colors, it was too perfect to pass up.

Since I was in California for the week before the Halloween Half, Becky and I didn’t get a chance to talk very much about what we’d wear.

So how cool that we showed up color-coordinated! She wore a purple long sleeve, black-and-orange striped tights, and her very fancy black, orange, and purple tutu. I had on my favorite black pants, purple long sleeve, orange sparkle skirt and the awesome orange shirt that Chris’s husband printed for me. (It reads “so fast it’s scary!” on the back.)

“Well, these are my favorite Halloween colors,” Becky said while we were on the bus to the start.

“Me too!” I said, and then I laughed a little, because what other colors signify Halloween more than orange, black, and purple? I guess green and golden yellow, but still.

It was one of those clicking kind of moments, when you remember how good it is to have a sister who totally gets you. Or perhaps “complements” is a better word...we’ll have to talk about it!

November Fun Fact
Since we were speaking about color, I confess: I have a little obsession lately with all things grey.It might just be the perfect neutral!