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happy together | Celeste Smith

happy together | Celeste Smith

(12 x 12) | materials digital kit (Sew Happy Collaboration by Mye DeLeon & The Ardent Sparrow at Design House Digital) + template (Grow with Love Letters March by Crystal Livesay at Design House Digital) + font (Century Gothic)

A Note from Celeste
Shh! Don't tell anyone, but secretly I wish I could scrap with more pink. I have two boys who are at an age where boys rule, girls drool. This means flowers and pink on pages are not appreciated. So I sneak it in where I can. For instance, I have free reign if I'm in the photo, the kitty has no beef with pink, and if I'm really wanting to scrap pink I can always snag a photo or two of my stunning niece!

on our way out on our 16th wedding anniversary date. appetizer hopping in the center - so fun! 2012

November Fun Fact
On Thanksgiving Day, I have a pot all set up with onions, carrots, and celery just waiting for the turkey carcass. By 9:30 pm, the house is filled with the fabulous smell of turkey soup!