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I Remember | Marnie Flores

I Remember | Marnie Flores

8.5 x 8.5 | materials patterned paper (Crystal Wilkerson, Halloween 2011 collection) + labels (Crystal Wilkerson, Halloween 2011 collection) + fonts (Bebas, Letter Gothic, Amertype Md BT)

A Note from Marnie
I took a little latitude with this theme. And remembered something not much forgotten. We went to the Jersey Shore with friends and I was thrilled to see how relaxed and forgetful my tween was once we got there!

November Fun Fact
November is birthday month in my family. Two in my little family, four in my immediate family, and three more in my extended family. Whew! Growing up in Canada meant that Thanksgiving at least was already over. Now, I am in the US and not only does Thanksgiving make for a busier month, but I even have to share my birthday with the turkey every seven years!!