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Happiness | Marnie Flores

Happiness | Marnie Flores

12 x 12 | materials banner (Michelle Underwood) + tape (Michelle Underwood) + ribbon (Michelle Underwood) + word strip (Lori Whitlock) + fonts (KG Ray of Sunshine, Letter Gothic)

A Note from Marnie
Favorite photos for me are often the last ones taken. I'm incredibly fickle that way. So when I went hunting for one that was more that just the most recent favorite, I remembered about this one. I love that it captures emotion. I realized as I was picking favorites that most are the ones that capture my kids just as I see them. A face, or a muted sound, or a look--just a little something that gets it right. I love that.

December Fun Fact
My kids have never ever ever wanted to sit on Santa's lap. Instead, we go to the mall with the second floor, and wave to him from upstairs. One year he waved back. They were five hundred and sixteen times more excited than I could have imagined. The write letters for the real Santa and feel no need to sit upon a strange impersonator's lap. Why sit when you can wave from afar? Silly mites.