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Beauty is a Light | Amy Sorensen

Beauty is a Light | Amy Sorensen

12 x 12 | materials patterned paper (My Mind's Eye, Basic Grey) + large alphabet stamp (Close to My Heart) + small alphabet stamp (Studio Calico) + ink (Close to My Heart) + Sunshine in my Soul font

A Note from Amy
I read a challenge somewhere on someone's blog recently to let your children hear you compliment yourself. This layout grew out of that challenge—it really is something I need to work on. The photo has me, my mom, and my younger sister Becky; my daughter Haley took it for us. It's a photo that matters for several reasons to me, but mostly because I don't have enough pictures with me and the people I love. I need to work on that too!

If you asked us, we’d each be quick to point out a flaw in ourselves. I’d likely say something about how lame & thin my hair is, and Mom would talk about how her scoliosis makes her torso bulge, and Becky would surely note that she’s taller than everyone else.

What is it that makes us so able to see only the flaws?

It’s harder for us all to recognize the good parts. But they are there too. Between us we have run, walked, or spun hundreds of miles. We’ve made dozens and dozens of baby quilts. We’ve harbored babies with our bodies. We have loved difficult men and allowed ourselves to grow stronger through our struggles. We’ve prayed for our children and for each other. We’ve helped other people with time and sacrifice. We’ve taken photos and told stories and tried to pass down what is important.

I am learning that the flaws aren’t the only thing. I am trying to not let them define me, nor the scars. I am trying to know about myself what I already know about my mom and my sisters (and my daughter and my grandmothers who are not in the photo except they are, you can almost see them just outside of the frame), which is this: we are beautiful.

December Fun Fact
I think dark chocolate Lindt truffle balls are one of mankind's best creations!