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My Boys | Paula Gilarde

My Boys | Paula Gilarde

12 x 12 | materials Alison Solids (Maplebrook Studios) + Messy Stitched Borders Green No. 1 (Katie Pertiet) + Splatters No. 3 (Katie Pertiet) + Readymade Banners For Dad (Studio DD) + Essential Words No. 2 (Ali Edwards) + Wooden Alpha No. 5 (Katie Pertiet) + Doodle Do Frames No. 1 (Katie Pertiet) + Staple Its (Pattie Knox)

A Note from Paula
We had a photo shoot with a local photographer earlier in the year - this is one of my favorite shots, of my two boys.

December Fun Fact
I'm a big fan of advent calendars. One year we had 5 going at one time - I think that might have been a few too many though!