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Day In The Life | Laura O'Donnell

Day In The Life | Laura O'Donnell

12 x 12 | materials digital kits (Paislee Press and One Little Bird Day Planner; Valorie Wibbins Pocket Squared) + font (AL Modern Type)

A Note from Laura
I picked September 5th to document my day. This was the first week my kids were back in school. My little boy Willie started kindergarten and prior to this he went to school 4 days a week with Fridays off. This was my first Friday without him and I really missed him! When the bus left in the morning I remembered Day in the Life and decided to do it that day to keep me distracted. I took a bunch of pictures. Not all of them went to Instagram when I took them but when I got the idea to do a pocket page layout I "latergrammed" them and used this digital template with so many square pockets to put them into.

9/5/13 This was the first Friday of the first week of school. Willie was in kindergarten, and I really missed him! I did errands, did my run, ate some homemade granola and a green smoothie. Not pictured, John and I bought Mary Rose her graduation laptop. I brought the big lens to Mary Rose's field hockey game in the afternoon.

October Fun Fact
The day after Halloween is a religious holiday and my daughter has always had it as a day off school. She goes out trick or treating with her friends. Sometimes someone has a party or a sleepover. How great is that!