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Every Time | Amy Sorensen

Every Time | Amy Sorensen

12 x 12 | materials patterned paper (Echo Park, Jillibean Soup, My Mind's Eye) + small journaling card (Studio Calico) + alpha stickers (Echo Park) + date sticker (BasicGrey) + word stickers (My Mind's Eye) + font (Century Gothic)

A Note from Amy
I took my "everyday" inspiration in a slightly different direction. The idea to make a list about repeating, consistent things we do came from a conversation I had with my sister about how we're both in the Costco phase of our lives. (Because we won't always need to buy, say, four gallons of milk or five pounds of cheese or two dozen eggs all at once, but right now it's absolutely necessary!) I thought about how, when Kaleb was younger, every time we went to Costco he asked me for a hot dog and a "flushie" (his word for a berry smoothie). And how every time we went to Wal-Mart, at about that same time, we'd go visit the fish. I read through journals, blog entries, and Facebook status updates to come up with the rest of the details.

All of which proves that you can do "every day" type of layouts about everyday (ish) experiences that happened years ago.

Every time:

we go to Wal-Mart, you want to visit the fish. (We only skip visiting the fish if we are in a HUGE hurry.)

we brush your teeth, you grimace, squeal, and protest. (It’s better than it used to be, when you’d scream with your lips closed tight. Which was frustrating—but funny.)

I think “Kaleb is so tired, he’s going to fall asleep while we drive home” you never do. (Seriously, I think you haven’t fallen asleep in the car since you were about 8 months old.)

we go to Costco, you ask for a flushy (a berry smoothie) & a hot dog. (Sometimes I get one or the other for you.)

Haley is home from school, you want to hang out in her room with her. (You like to play Littlest Pet Shops with her.)

we go for a walk, you want to visit the chickens. (They are on the other side of 4th North by the hospital trail; there are ducks and a pheasant in the coop, too, and sometimes kittens wandering around the raspberry bushes.)

we go to the library, you insist on picking out a few non-fiction books. (The ones about animals are your favorite.)

you’re bored, you’ll get out your crayons or markers and draw me a picture. (I keep them all in my night stand
drawer and I look at them all the time.)

we come home from anywhere, you run into your bedroom to swap your clothes for pajamas. (You’ve finally learned to put the clothes you already wore that day back on when you want to go outside again, rather than getting out some-thing clean. My washing machine thanks you.)

I hold your hand, I’m so grateful for you in my life!

October Fun Fact
This month I'm taking a dream vacation to Italy with my mom and two sisters. I'm so excited I can hardly stand it!