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A Day in the Life of a Scrap Addict | Diane Payne

A Day in the Life of a Scrap Addict | Diane Payne

12 x 12 | materials patterned paper (American Crafts, My Mind's Eye, Studio Calico) + flair (A Flair for Buttons) + sequin (Come On Get Crafty) + gem dots (Studio Calico) + labels (bananafishstudio) + fonts (American Typewrite)

A Note from Diane
This layout was difficult to get inspired to do because I was feeling a little bored with my day-to-day life at the moment. When I had my a-ha moment to incorporate a little humor into my daily routine with my scrapping obsession I was very inspired. My scrapping obsession is actually 100 times more than I described in my journaling…I think about scrapping and am inspired by things around me 24/7. I hope that I'm not the only one with this problem, which, by the way, I don't view as a bad thing. I love living a creative life!

4:50 – Alarm goes off. Still tired…set the timer for 10 minutes.
5:00 – Timer goes off. Still tired…set the timer for 10 more minutes.
5:10 – Annoyed with myself for not getting up when my alarm first went off. Stumble into closet, put on workout clothes and head to the living room for my T25 workout. Feed dogs.
5:15 – Start workout DVD with a captive audience of 2 furry dogs.
5:45 – Finish T25 workout and head to shower.
6:05 – Make coffee and finish getting ready for work. Think about how good the coffee tastes while I drink it.
6:20 – Make sure Wyatt is up for football practice.
6:55 – Head to kitchen, make coffee and breakfast to go and pack lunch. Think about how I need to be on the road NOW or I’ll sit in a bunch of traffic. Make sure Alyssa is awake.
7:10 – Head out the door for work. Annoyed at the slow drivers in the fast lane.
8:15 – Arrive at my desk. Turn on computer, check e-mail and start to work. Think about things I want to make with pretty paper when I get home.
9:30 – Feel hungry. Eat snack and start thinking about lunch. Wish I was home playing with pretty paper and embellishments.
1:00 – Really hungry now. Eat lunch at my desk, pin 10 recipes and 10 design and layout ideas on Pinterest. Recipes will never be used and all inspiration and design pieces will inspire a layout in the near future. Think of one creative idea that has me anxious to get home and play with pretty scrapping supplies.
1:30 – Super tired suddenly. Make ice tea and think about my page ideas for my latest and greatest scrappy acquisitions. Get busy working again.
3:00 – Hungry…again! Eat snack. Take a couple selfies to amuse myself. Daydream about making something with pretty paper. Get back to work.
4:30 – Start packing -up to beat the 5’oclock traffic.
5:20 – Get home. Visit with kids, go through mail, and start planning dinner. Sit down and surf my favorite scrapbooking sites and Pinterest. Go to scraproom just to take a look at all the lovely goodies waiting for me.
7:30 – Finish dinner. Pack lunch for the next day. Ensure kids are working on homework. Work on laundry and clean things up around the house. Hurry, hurry…anxious to start working on my scrapbook idea.
9:00 – Finally! Make it to my scraproom. Look lovingly at all my supplies and dig in.
10:30 - Check on kids, tell them to get ready for bed. Keep scrapping.
11:00 – Tell the kids goodnight. Hurry back to room to finish layout.
11:30 – Realize I’m not going to finish. Don’t want to go to bed but I must or I’ll never get up in the morning.
Get up and repeat all the same steps and obsessive scrappy thoughts the next day.

October Fun Fact
My Birthday is in October, so a few years ago I declared it was my Birthday MONTH! I've trained my husband well, toward the end of September he told me in a couple more days it would be my Birthday month. Hehe, I love that he is acknowledging it as a month long celebration.