> Sweet Summer (Aug 2009)

How I Spent My Summer Holiday | Cheryl Overton
Water Lily | Elizabeth Dillow
Our House | Cheryl Overton
Road Trip | Celeste Smith
Face Paint | Emilie Ahern
Competition | Kim Morgan
Freedom to Roam | Stacy Julian
The Suite LIfe of the Palmer Boys | Candice Palmer
Beth Proudfoot's Inspiration
Forever Summer | Beth Proudfoot
Camp | Cheryl Overton
Sunshine | Rebecca Cooper
A Weaf! | Ann Costen
Cannonball | Autumn Baldwin
Next Summer | Melissa Kaiserman
Ice Cream | Francine Clouden
Bare Feet in the Grass | Elisha Snow
Grow | Sara Winnick
Jam Labels | Sara Winnick
Carnival | Marnie Flores
A Day at the Beach | Katrina Simeck
Corn on the Cob | Erin Sweeney
Summer Memory | Jody Wenke
Nostalgia | Melanie Louette
Summer Fun | Tina Cockburn
Nick | Karen Glenn
My Family | Carolyn Jolley