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The New View | Autumn Baldwin

The New View | Autumn Baldwin

11 x 8.5 digital | materials fonts (Cochin, Times, Facelift) + digital splatter (word art from kit doucuers hivernales by Timounette) + Photoshop Elements

A Note From Autumn

Sometimes I really like layouts that use just cardstock, photos, and text. This is especially true when the layout is more about my thoughts than it is about photos of an event. I added nothing but a paint splatter to this very simple digital layout.


"8:55 a.m. Three boys walk away from me, headed into school. Just one left in the car, strapped in behind me. I think: freedom.

Grocery shopping with only one child. The ultimate quiet of naptime after a trip to the library. Maybe even lunch with a friend.

So why, a few hours later, am I so terribly anxious for 3:15 to arrive?"