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The Sound of Silence | Marnie Flores

The Sound of Silence | Marnie Flores

11 x 8.5 | materials font (Futura)

A Note From Marnie

This was a hard page for me. I find myself recording many of the happy times for our scrapbooks. As Nigel caught the bus for school this year, I had to run in with the baby and missed his official "getting on the bus" photo. This was the best I got as we dashed back outside. Though initially disappointed, as I downloaded my photos, I realized this bus photo provided the perfect incentive to scrapbook my innermost feelings. Not the usual fare, but truly the relief I feel for school starting this year. Each year seems harder and harder for me to try to entertain my bright, busy tween. It was very cathartic to write that I might be more than just a tiny bit happy that school has begun.


Please don’t think ill of me, but part of me breathed a huge sigh of relief as the bus pulled away today. Yes, I will miss Nigel. Yes, I love him. Yes, I love summer and all its radiant glory. Yet please also understand that today marks the return of silence in our home. No more random noises. No more declarations of boredom. No more requests for playdates. No more angry tween outbursts. No more stirring up the girls. No more incited riots by driving over the Barbies with the blue VW bug. No more death scenes with the Polly Pockets. No more robbers attacking the dollhouse. Today marks the return to just two little girls playing quietly. And mom watching–marveling and reveling in the silence–and wondering how one ten year old can create such a stir. And being grateful for the thirty-five hours of reprieve that each school week brings. I love you, Nigel, I do. Though I don’t love your noise. And now I have my quiet house back. For nine whole months! Nine sweet peaceful quiet (albeit more boring and lonely) months.

Please don’t hate me for my honesty...