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Span | Melissa Kaiserman

Span | Melissa Kaiserman

12 x 12 digital | materials software (Adobe Photoshop Elements 9.0) + collage template ( + December ‘09 {Solids} Paper Pack, Crystal’s {Me & My Brother} Paper Pack #2, Crystal’s {Sweet Summertime} Paper Pack #3, Crystal’s September ‘09 Bonus Paper Pack, Crystal’s {Playground Collection} Add-on Elements, August ’09 Jumbo Lowercase Polkadot Alphabet (Crystal Wilkerson, ledger grid (Katie Pertiet, + Typewriter Keys Alpha (Michelle Coleman) + neutral stitches (Gunhild Storeide, + fonts (Pharmacy, Vani)

A Note from Melissa
I recently discovered this ButterCream B&W Action at The Coffeeshop Blog. (Free/donation welcome, like all of Rita’s actions. She rocks!) It’s so much softer than a straight black and white conversion, but without going sepia. I love it!

Also, I had nervously avoided the scary phrase “clipping mask” until Ann Costen did a very straightforward tutorial here in November showing how to use them. How did I previously accomplish anything digitally without this knowledge? I certainly couldn’t have done this month’s layout!

January Fun Fact
Though more than 20 years have passed since junior (senior?) English class, I can still recite the first eighteen lines of The Canterbury Tales by Chaucer. In Middle English. Mr. Cunningham would be so proud.