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The Photobooth | Elizabeth Dillow

The Photobooth | Elizabeth Dillow

12 x 12 | materials dictionary paper + Flair (American Crafts) + label sticker (Fontwerks)

A Note from Elizabeth
I love, love black and white photos; this blue/teal-ish color is one of my favorites to pair with them, but I think black and white photography looks good with just about everything!

I can't remember where these pictures were taken
maybe somewhere in Colorado Springs?
But I do remember how much fun I've had
having fun with you over the years.
Love, Mama

January Fun Fact
The last time I ran in a 5K race was in 1992 or 1993 at the Ohio Derby 5K. I finished second-to-last and it was an extremely unpleasant experience (is it weird that I remember exactly what t-shirt I wore but almost nothing else?) In 2011 I'd like to try again somewhere... and finish perhaps third-to-last or better : )