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I Can Read | Monika Wright

I Can Read | Monika Wright

8.50x11 | materials patterned paper, stickers, journaling spots (Echo Park) + baker’s twine ( + pens (Micron)

A Note from Monika
My youngest daughter, Victoria, has been “reading” for many years. Our family loves to read and she’s seen all of us reading since she can remember... and the fact that she couldn’t read a book by herself always caused her grief. So, she would sit down and read the pictures and reciting what she remembered from having had the story read to her.
Then, a light bulb went off this Summer! She picked up the Dick and Jane book and was able to read the words. My oldest daughter played the role of teacher and helped her to sound out the words that she was having problems with. Oh, the joy of reading!

September Fun Fact
September will see my husband celebrating his 40th birthday, my Mom her 70th birthday and my brother-in-law his 37th birthday. Oh yeah, can you say cake and ice cream overload?