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Cougars in Training | Autumn Baldwin

Cougars in Training | Autumn Baldwin

8.5 x 11 materials label (DirtyJournalerLabelsNo1 by Katie Pertiet at + patterned paper (BlueSolid, TypeRed, and Kraft by Jessica Sprague) + fonts (Sportswave from dafont,com, Century Gothic, Impact) + Photoshop Elements

A Note From Autumn

It’s fun for me to make connections between myself or my husband and my children, but my kids really enjoy it. They ask me all the time “Did you watch PBSkids when you were our age?” or “Did you like pizza when you were a kid?” or “Did you guys have electricity when you were little?” I’ve had the picture of my husband and the kids for six months now, but hadn’t used it on a page because I wasn’t sure what story I wanted to tell with it. Then, while at my in-laws house a few weeks ago, I asked to see old pictures, and we discovered the one of my husband and his big brothers. There was the story—the connection between generations.

PS – the little sports guys doing the wave above my journaling come from a dingbat font called sportswave that I downloaded free from So cool!