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The Baby Towel | Jody Dent-Pruks

The Baby Towel | Jody Dent-Pruks

11 x 8.5 | materials patterned paper (Basic Grey, Anna Griffin, Kaiser Craft) + foam dots (Paper Craft) + ink + fonts (Amelie, Ariel)

A Note From Jody

Although the photos I had to work with were not the best, I really wanted to get this family story recorded, even if my house full of boys think that this is a pretty silly story I know that it is meaningful to me and maybe one day they will feel the same. I had planned for this towel to be handed down to Oscar and his first child (how cool would that have been – if only for a photo) but I lost my box of baby treasures in a fire in 2006, so this photo is all I have now.


This is a story about a sentimental mama and her son, a 30 year time span and one small white baby towel. When I was 3 months old my mother took a photo of me after my bath, lying on a fluffy white towel. Who would have believed that 3 decades later my mother would pass that towel to me, and that my 3 month old son, Oscar, would be photographed after his bath on that very same towel. Today we share many similarities; smiles, dimples, sense of humour and once upon a time, we shared a small white baby towel.
Jody (1963), Oscar (1993) and Jody & Oscar (2008)