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Inside Out and Backward | Stacy Julian

Inside Out and Backward | Stacy Julian

8.5 x 11 | materials scalloped journaling spot (Jenni Bowlin) + chipboard STORY accent (Scenic Route) + flower/jewel brads (Doodlebug Designs) + white rub-on letters and wordfetti stickers (Making Memories) + fabric tab (ScrapWorks) + felt flower (Creative Imaginations) + softie bookplate (KI Memories, Pop Culture line) + jewelry tag (Avery) + ribbon, bobbie pin and white paint + note: Stacy used circle cookie cutters dipped in paint to make the circles on her page.


(tucked behind the page)

My dad is not the least bit into outward appearances. My mother makes sure he dresses well for work and church, otherwise, he would wear the same pair of jeans for weeks on end. His T-shirts are tattered and stained. He is surprised by how often “our generation” changes clothes and how much laundry we generate. He tells of school shopping with his mother. She would purchase one pair of overalls, a pair of Levi’s, a 3-pack of white undershirts and 2 long-sleeved flannel shirts for him and his brothers.

These were all the clothes they needed!

Something in my dad’s very practical approach to dressing must have left an favorable impression on me, because I chose Geoff, who also has little to prove with his attire. He once picked me up for a date at BYU in a shirt and slacks that were completely wrinkled. He admitted in fact, that he had pulled them from the clean laundry basket on his dorm room floor. I put him in my roommate’s bedroom and asked him to undress, so that I could iron before we left on our date. To this day, he claims a dress shirt doesn’t really need ironing because he is just going to cover it up with his white M.D. jacket.

As evidenced in these photos, certain members of my family might be a little “inside out and backwards” when it comes to fashion and these tendencies just might be showing up in the next generation, but we promise not to judge you for your good taste!

Photos taken in our LeGrand home in Salt Lake City.