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So Happy | Amy Sorenson

So Happy | Amy Sorenson

12x12 | materials patterned paper (My Mind's Eye) + stamps (Close to my Heart) + stamping ink (ColorBox) + washi (Target) + fabic + twine + Alegreya and Bemio fonts

A Note from Amy
I hope I'm not the only one who does this...but I love scrapping Christmas photos in January. It makes me feel like I'm able to revisit the holidays. Honestly? January is pretty much the only time I get any Christmas photos scrapped at all. I wrote down this sweet thing that Kaleb said on a scrap of wrapping paper so I wouldn't forget it!

He watched his older brother open a box with a few pair of sweats in it, and he watched Nathan's excitement over pants with a look that cleary said I totally don't understand you (because when you're seven and it's Christmas you get excited over things like boxes of Legos and packages of knights, not pants) and then he said "I'm so happy that you are so happy" and then I tried not to get teary-eyed and how glad I am he still has his innocent and spontaneous sweetness.

February Fun Fact
Valentine's Day is my least-favorite holiday. Someone might even call me a Valentine's-Day scrooge and be pretty accurate! Luckily my anniversary is on the 13th, so we celebrate that instead.