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He Said She Said | Christine Newman

He Said She Said | Christine Newman

12 x 12 | materials Once Upon A Story digital kit (Lili Niclass & Emily Merritt) + Bokeh Overlays (Leora Sanford) + fonts (Capture It, Pupcat)

A Note from Christine
I tried to make this layout resemble a comic book page with my photo processing and speech bubbles.

When we first met, what did you think of me? He said: I thought you were more interesting than most people, more cute than most people, and maybe a little bit wild. She said: I thought you were cute but in a nerdy-band-geek sort of way... Slightly socially-awkward and immature, but totally endearing. :)

February Fun Fact
I don't have an iPhone or Android phone. I hope to get one this year. My Blackberry is cramping my Project Life everyday documenting plans.