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Handsome (even when filthy) | Kelly Jeppson

Handsome (even when filthy) | Kelly Jeppson

12 x 12 | materials patterned paper (Doodlebug Designs, Ranger) + embellishments (Doodlebug Designs)

A Note from Kelly
This layout uses a photo that I took when my oldest came home from Cub Scout Camp last summer, covered in dirt from head to toe.

Mom: How was Scout Camp?
Luke: Awesome!
Mom: Wow! I've never see you quite this dirty. Did they tell you to roll in the dirt?
Luke and Dad: Yep. They really did!

February Fun Fact
I love making Valentines and sugar cookies, but I'm not really into mushy romantic stuff. The most romantic present my husband ever gave me was a mix-tape he made of songs he thought I would like (back when we had tape players!).