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Couples Christmas | Angie Lucas

Couples Christmas | Angie Lucas

8.5 x 11 spread | materials foam letter stickers (American Crafts) + letter stickers (SEI, Making Memories) + ribbon, epoxy buttons (Making Memories) + white floss

A Note From Angie

A couple of years ago, my little sister made sure to get a picture of each of the couples in our close-knit family who were visiting for Christmas. There’s my husband and me, two of my brothers and their wives, my sister and her husband, my parents, and my grandparents. I loved this idea, so I borrowed the photos from her and made a layout. (Since I printed copies of the originals, I had no problem writing directly on the photos with a Slick Writer pen.) During Christmas festivities, it’s really easy to focus solely on the adorable kids’ reactions that we forget to get pictures of the adults in our lives. I’m so glad my little sis took these pictures (thanks Alli!), so I can enjoy seeing some of my favorite “big kid” faces all gathered together in one place.