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Top Picks: Christmas 08 | Aly Dosdall

Top Picks: Christmas 08 | Aly Dosdall

12 x 12 digital spread | materials digital page kit (The Daily Grind v.1 by Sande Krieger for + crown accent + tag (A Cold Winter’s Night kit by Sande Krieger for + word art (Word Play Word Art kit by Sande Krieger for + alpha (Boardwalk Alpha by Katie Pertiet for

A Note From Aly

I used to take photos of our kids opening their presents on Christmas Day, but I started to feel like I was missing out on being a part of things. I wanted to participate actively in the memory and not just stand at the edge and observe it. I decided to put the camera away Christmas morning, and then get it out later on in the day to photograph my kids’ favorite presents from that morning. Doing this has made Christmas much more enjoyable for me and that’s what the holidays are all about!