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Christmas Wrapping | Jody Dent-Pruks

Christmas Wrapping | Jody Dent-Pruks

8.5 x 11 | materials rub-ons (Kaiser Craft) + ink (Versa Craft) + font (Typenoksidi)

A Note From Jody

Every Christmas I diligently take photos throughout the day and then when I see them printed they all seem a little chaotic and messy; much like our loungeroom after present opening! I also seem to end up with the same photos every year and so I am not always inspired to scrap our Christmas.

Now I can’t have our scrapbooks minus this one very happy family occasion and so I decided to make my Christmas pages about those parts that make up the whole day, all the little details that make up the sum total of our Christmas.

Every year I love coming up with a colour scheme for our gifts and cards and this is what I wanted to document in this layout. The fact is, I don’t need 4 separate layouts about gift wrapping so bringing a few years together on one layout works well.

I kept my page very simple because the photos are all very colourful and busy. The white cardstock breaks up the photos and gives a little breathing room. A rub on provides a whimsical touch to the layout. A quick swipe of black ink around the page and I was done.

In the future I can add additional pages about our Christmas and in doing so I am not leaving this holiday out of our scrapbooks.


One of my favourite jobs at Christmas is coming up with a new colour theme for wrapping the presents and trimming the tree. I love when all the gifts coordinate.