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I Live Here | Autumn Baldwin

I Live Here | Autumn Baldwin

11 x 8.5 | materials patterned paper (Jessica Sprague Echoes of Asia kit) + worn overlay (Trish Jones Distressed Diva Edges at + font (Garamond and Gentury Gothic) + brushes (Jason Gaylor Worn psbrushes3 at + tab (R. Carlton Carnival kit at + stamp (Moonrise kit at + Adobe Photoshop Elements

A Note From Autumn

For this layout, I used the same basic design as the magazine layout: large block of color next to vertical picture next to solid block of another color. I also used two different colors in my title, and let the title cross over onto the photo. I really like this design because pictures that are in unusual shapes (meaning a long, narrow rectangle or a square instead of a 4x6 aspect ratio) are more eye-catching. This layout is obviously inspired by the magazine spread, but it’s not a complete copy.