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Old and Grey | Elizabeth Dillow

Old and Grey | Elizabeth Dillow

materials rub-ons (Making Memories) + acrylic paint + label

A Note From Elizabeth

Don’t throw that junk mail away just yet! I received this promotional flyer for upcoming performances at University of Maryland, and fell in love with the bold handprint design. I very literally translated it to a scrapbook page by painting my own hand, which is something I’ve done a number of times since this page—I love the actual handprint effect, as it’s a very personal kind of embellishment. This is one of the simplest pages I’ve ever done, but also one of my favorites.

I made the circle in Appleworks when I did this page, and just cut it out. I’m certain there are more efficient ways to do such things, but I’m sure no one is surprised that I didn’t do any of them. : )

(See next image for inspiration piece.)