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Super Star | Lain Ehmann

Super Star | Lain Ehmann

12 x 12 | materials patterned paper, ribbon, stickers (Cosmo Cricket) + chipboard star (Technique Tuesday)

A Note From Lain

I’m not a big planner or measurer. I mostly just eyeball elements on my page and trim until they look right. But a few things I am a stickler about are common margins and the visual triangle.

Common margins is a term I learned from Cathy Zielske (isn’t she cool?). It means that you keep a common distance between page elements. On this page, there’s the same amount of space between the photos, and between the patterned paper borders above and below the photo strip. Common margins are a quick and easy way to make your page look balanced.

The visual triangle means you use three of a common element (color, embellishment, shape) on your page to create unity. I used splashes of red to unite the page – the red circles at the top, the red of the boys’ hats in the middle photo, and the red strip on the bottom of the page. Visual triangles help the viewer’s eye move about the page smoothly.