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Life With Addie | Stacy Julian

Life With Addie | Stacy Julian

8.5 x 11 spread | materials decorative tape (mt Japan) + letter stickers & felt flower (American Crafts) + brad

A Note From Stacy

I can appreciate good design far more readily that I can create it, but I think good design is words + photos that work. By this I mean when the words and photos on a scrapbook page take center stage in a way that feels balanced and your eye knows where to begin -- then you're getting there.

I'm no Cathy Zielske, but I love a clean & simple layout that features a strong focal point, a easy sense of balance and perhaps a visual triangle to boot!


I love documenting life with you Addie. Right now you wake up at 6:00 am. I help you go pee-pee and then put you back in bed and tell you to stay there until Trey and Taft get up. This generally buys me another 6 1/2 minutes. Oddly enough I continue to try. By 7:00 am you’re in full swing, fully dressed (in a dress) and on your second or third pair of shoes. You love to be in the middle of the morning madness, strategically moving our stools and kitchen chairs and opening drawers and cupboards. You are 100% percent happy and agreeable until one of your brothers does something to irk you. When this happens, you create a high-pitched shrill that I’m sure is only fully registered by the neighborhood dogs. This eardrum bursting sound sets off our doorbell sensor upstairs, which sends an amplified doorbell sound throughout the downstairs. You love doing things for yourself, at your own pace and in your own way. We’re all learning not to push you, rush you, or worse yet attempt to do something for you. Any of these actions will likely elicit utter disappointment and a complete do-over. You prefer no socks and can run full speed down a hill in flip-flops. You don’t like having your hair done, but your fingernails must be painted. You ask for chewing gum at least 17 times before lunch. You watch storybook videos in the van and full-length princess features while sitting on the kitchen counter. While you love splashing in water, you insist on taking a shower and then avoid getting wet. Life with you Addie is the best kind of adventure. 9.29.09