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Step One | Linda Barber

Step One | Linda Barber

12 x 12 | materials kraft paper, speech bubbles (Gina Cabrera, + houndstooth overlay (Erica Hernandez, + green paper, used in arrow (Jan Crowley, + fonts (Century Gothic, P22 Typewriter) + stitching (Lisa Whitney, + scalloped notepaper (Linda's own creation)

A Note From Linda

I've got a lots of opinions on design. That's what happens when you go school to study graphic design. However, the two design principles I always live by are: 1. balance. Find it. Have it. Keep it. It makes anything one creates so much more pleasant to look at. And 2. less is more, especially with fonts. There are millions of fonts out there. But that doesn't mean we need to use them all on the same page.