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Shotty, Spotty, Buggy | Jody Dent-Pruks

Shotty, Spotty, Buggy | Jody Dent-Pruks

12 x 12 | materials circle punch (EK Success) + font (SS Mono)

A Note From Jody

I wanted to remember some of the silly things that, as a family, come and go for no reason. This little car game just started, and I am sure it will disappear before too long so I felt a layout would document this little bit of craziness for generations to come.

I wanted the photo to be the star of the layout, even though the quality is not the best - I did have to hang out my car window to get it! I also needed to include a lot of journaling to explain just what it was all about.

I kept the design very linear with lots of white space, to draw the eye to the focus photo. The yellow circles add some balance, and softness, to the journaling side. The circles add colour and weight to the journaling half of the layout as well as visually representing the “spotty” from the title.


Byron started this “game” where you would yell out spotto if you saw a yellow car while we were driving. OK! Then if you saw a yellow VW bug, well that was the ultimate win. So I begin to get caught up in this crazy game but instead of yelling spotto, I would yell shotty spotty. Of course this led both Oscar and Byron to convulse with laughter at my silliness. As a result, the game has now morphed into shotty spotty buggy and in order to win you have to provide evidence that you have seen a yellow VW bug. So here it is, a yellow VW bug. The driver thought I was crazy as I hung out the car window attempting to take a photo as proof so the boys would know that I was indeed, the ultimate victor! 2009