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Tender Hearted | Cheryl Overton

Tender Hearted | Cheryl Overton

8.5 x 11 | materials patterned paper (My Mind's Eye) + ribbon (Making Memories) + font (Times New Roman)

A Note From Cheryl

I never start a layout with design rules specifically in mind, however, usually when I'm done with a page I can look at it and recognize what about it works or doesn't work. One of my go-to designs is a colour/pattern blocked background. I don't know if it fits any actual “design rules” but I find a blocked background gives me a base to add onto the rest of my page. Having those lines somehow pulls my eye to where they connect and I build the page from there. Another thing I like to do with a blocked layout like this is have one of the “blocks” contain the journaling and have the title of the page be part of the actual journaling itself. Sometimes it takes a few trips through the printer on regular paper to get the sizing right, but I really like the effect it has when it everything lines up.