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My Dream for You | Amy Kingsford

My Dream for You | Amy Kingsford

8.5 x 11 | materials cardstock (Everyday Sentiments by Anita Designs) + patterned paper (Everyday Sentiments by Anita Designs, Far and Away by Gennifer Bursett) + buttons (Everyday Sentiments by Anita Designs) + brads (Everyday Sentiments by Anita Designs, Far and Away by Gennifer Bursett) + alphas (Autumn Bliss by Karla Dudley, In Good Company by Pizels and Company) + flowers (Everyday Sentiments by Anita Designs) + ribbon (Everyday Sentiments by Anita Designs) + tag (Far and Away by Amy Kingsford) + mist (Everyday Sentiments by Anita Designs) + fonts (Courier New and Jellyka Queen of Saint Andrew)

A Note from Amy
This layout was inspired by a recent photo I took of my boys together. My boys have the usual love-hate relationship expected of young siblings, but I really do pray that as they grow up they will learn to always be kind to one another, support one another in their endeavors and most importantly come to understand that we are very proud of both of them.
I aimed to create an everyday feel in the elements and papers I chose for my page, in colors pulled directly from my photo.

I have so many dreams for my boys, the most important being, that they find their best friends in one another, that they always stick up for each other and for them to know that we love them BOTH so much!

November Fun Fact
Our family has a fun tradition we uphold each November in which we make a Gratitude Jar, fill it with the things we are most grateful for and celebrate one thing each day throughout the month. This year my almost-three-year-old son will be adding some of the things he is grateful for to our jar, which is sure to make things interesting!