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Today | Amy Sorensen

Today | Amy Sorensen

12 x 12 | materials patterned paper (Basic Grey) + scribble die cut (Silhouette) + Delicious and Marketing Script fonts

A Note from Amy
Our recent wcs Baby Week inspired me to dig into some older photos for this layout. The gallery theme of everydaily can work just as well for old pictures as it does for current ones. What little daily moments do you miss from a few years ago? Find a photo that somehow relates and scrap it!

Today after your nap, we went outside and, like almost every other day of your life since you could walk and communicate what you want, we went looking for Emily. Dear, sweet Emily, with her slobbery happy purring and her wobbly belly and her soft, soft fur. Aside from her penchant for catching birds, she is the perfect cat. She's patient and gentle; she'll strike back with her claws only when you've tugged something painfully and then it's only a swift and shallow scratch.
She's such a good kitty!
Which is why, nearly every single day, we play with her. You are a busy, busy toddler, always wanting to move and to go-go-go, but you'll sit still for entire minutes, just petting Emily. Or we put her on the platform of the swing set and she sits there watching you while I push you on the swing. When she gets impatient she runs to hide under the rosebush or the zinnias, and you chase after her. You squat down and call her: "here, kitty kitty kitty!" in your little lispy voice. We read books on the front porch with Emily sitting between us.
In fact, I am daily grateful that we have Emily. Since the rest of your siblings are off at school all day, she is like your surrogate little sister. Your built-in buddy. You love her and tease her and apologize and play together. She follows us on our walks to the corner and back. She is your built-in friend and I cannot imagine life without her in it.

May Fun Fact
The best part of May is, in my mind, the blooming of the iris. Purple iris are one of life's most perfect things!