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Peep Hole | Emily Pitts

Peep Hole | Emily Pitts

12 x 12 | materials cardstock (Bazzill) + patterned papers (Simple Stories) + alphabet stickers (Simple Stories) + stickers (Simple Stories) + spray mist (Studio Calico) + pen (EK Success)

A Note from Emily
Every spring our family gets to take part in a little miracle. I have a flower bucket that I've been hanging on our front door for the last 6 years that we've lived here in Colorado. A little bird decided that bucket would make a great home for her nest of eggs. She happily builds the nest, lays her eggs, waits for them to hatch, feeds the babies, then hatches them leave, all from her perch on our door.
And since the peep hole in our door happens to be exactly at nest level, we can check in on her yearly process. Numerous time a day, you'll find one of us peeping through the door to see what's up. The only problem with our little guest is she scares the pants off any human visitors to our home, waiting until they've rung the doorbell to suddenly fly away, she's made a few of them duck! We warn our regular visitors, but there's always the random guest who has a terrified look on their face when we open the door. It's only for a couple of months, and we enjoy it so much, we deal with it. I took a picture (not a very good one, but it's our view...) this year through the peep hole and decided it was time to document it.

May Fun Fact
Peep hole vs. peek hole. We had the discussion and decided it really didn’t matter.