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Bright Side | Carey Bridges

Bright Side | Carey Bridges

12 x 12 | materials digital kits (Bright Side of Life Collaboration and Add-on by Anita Designs and Ninigoesdigi) + template (
Life Story March Template Album by Karla Dudley) + font (Arial)

A Note from Carey
I wanted to create an everyday layout about my son's positive attitude and cheery disposition. To reflect that, I wanted to keep it light, bright and airy. The white background, filler card word art and sunshine element all help support the mood of the layout.

I LOVE your positive attitude and outlook on life! I hope you always look on the bright side of life, because I truly believe that positive attitudes can change everything.
If you look for the good, that’s what you’ll find!

May Fun Fact
May is my birthday month! I'll let you in on a little secret... I always buy myself a birthday present too! (I know I'll get something I want.)